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Thursday, February 8, 2001...

[straight update] - Sorry, I'm not in a funny mood today. If Sanji was around I'd have gotten him to do this update...anyways...

The EFilmCritic has done a list of his sexiest actresses. Natalie landed the title of "Most Naturally Beautiful" and is mentioned in several of the other picks. Thanks to g.

Ryan Jay I. Gutierrez sent a link to a page with some of his nat drawings that are, in his opinion, the best. Liam Gallagher syndrome me thinks.

A Natalie Portman versus Christina Ricci poll.

Now for some pics.

A GREAT Amidala headshot sent in by Jim.

Ooooh, I love this "dark" wallpaper by Nathan. Good job.

This next wallpaper is a very good first effort from Virginia. Don't forget, you promised more :-)

Juan sent in this Star Wars pic.

And last up is this cool pic. What's even cooler is the intro from Omen.
This image incorperates a picture, drawing, painting, and a squeeky toy. It's called "Nat, Mr.Spooky, and The Swan Girl."
Haha, classic.



Wednesday, February 7, 2001...

[Kristoffer] - Hiya
I forgot to mention the other day that Kris redesigned the image archive to make it more manageable for people with dial-up modems. So thanks, Kris. I'd just like to take the oppertunity to thank him for the work he does behind the scenes on We really appreciate it...just stay away from my girl, you dirty swede.

Remember when Nat was mentioned in the magazine Wizard, under casting call for Shadow? Well she has been mentioned again. She is cast as Talia Al Ghul.

"Not only does Portman ("Star Wars Episode I") have the beauty, she's got the brains and acting chops to hold her own against the others here. And if you put her in black leather and give her a scimtar, you'd have people lining up around the block for tickets."

Thanks to Tim for the heads up.

In case you haven't heard yet, pictures of a number of Star Wars busts...uh-huh-huh-huh, I said "bust"...have been posted on the official site. Below is Natalie's...i mean the Natalie bust.

Here's a rather nifty pic from Louis-Gabriel Daigle.

Grrr...can't get my ftp to's all for today, folks. Thanks for the anniversary/birthday (which is it???) wallpapers. Keep em coming.

Monday, February 5, 2001...

[thanks a bunch] - Wow, it really warms my heart to see how many fan submissions I've gotten; after my request for related fan art for our birthday next week. It's really hard to believe...THAT WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN ONE SUBMISSION YET!!! Come on guys, we try to be creative for you guys with every update. Don't make Sanjiro have to beg.

In some positive news, I got my cd writer working!!! Heh, and it only took two weeks. Piece of cake this computer stuff. I bet you're asking how this affects you guys, right? Well you may have noticed how the audio and video sections of the site are somewhat...lacking. I've got stuff to upload but with my crappy dialup I didn't even bother trying. But today I burnt a cd with 550 mb's of nat audio and video, which I'll be sending to Pher to put up on the site. And then...then we will be complete!

Ok, some brief nat news first up. Tinkie had informed me that in the new issue of Famous (a film mag, Hopkins on the cover) they mention that Milla Jovovich will be playing the role of Alice. She seems way to old if they are taking the girls age from the game. Oh well.

Hedgelee sent word that Natalie is mentioned at the Politically Incorrect poll.

Robert has 10 great winamp skins at his site. Go here to check them out.

Weaver sent me some scans from a UK SW mag that were posted at
Padme and Hayden - Don't think I've seen this one before.
Padme - Not a new pic but well worth another look

Here's a very cool picture using one of my favourite Natalie pics. Courtesy of Mad Hatter.

Spitweet sent in another Widescreen Select.

Colin Olson sent in another great piece.

As did Marie who continues to lend her feminine touch. Pink.

Ok, I think that's it. Cheers guys.

Saturday, February 3, 2001...

[oops.] - a couple of my friends asked me to put up some stuff and i told them i would and then i forgot about it. so. here they are.

Samuari's Natalie Portman Center has a new layout that's Valentine's day inspired. so you should all go check that out.

and my friend Toby is doing some project and he would like it if anyone who had pictures that are Tiger related if they could send them over to him at anything that has tigers in it i guess. like i gave him that nat wearing the tiger shirt. but that was just an example.

now, i would like to apologize to my friends for forgetting them.

i'm sorry.

and now here's a sorry to the people who wanted natalie news.

i'm sorry.

here's a pic to make up for it. this is from when natalie was on rosie o'donnell in 1999.

ain't she sweet?

Friday, February 2, 2001...

[i'm not me.] - this entire update will be done with a fake mustache on my face.


Here's a couple more articles about the Seagull. both from JC.


After reports that director Mike Nichols was looking at spaces such as Broadway's Booth Theatre, Off-Broadway's Promenade Theatre and non traditional industrial buildings, the New York Times said Feb. 2 that the production has landed back at its originally announced location: the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.

Like in many a past Nichols venture, the cast will be packed with marquis names from the lead roles to the most minor supporting part. As first reported by PBOL on March 6, 2000, Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline will head the cast as Arkadina and Trigorin. Also in the cast, said the Times, are Natalie Portman as Nina, Christopher Walken as Sorin, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Konstantin, John Goodman as Shamrayev, Allison Janney as Masha, Debra Monk as Polina, Stephen Spinella as Medvedyedo and Larry Pine as Dorn.

Walken was missing from the stage for many years before returning in last year's surprise critical hit, James Joyce's The Dead. Janney, a theatre veteran now finding success on television's "The West Wing," last appeared on stage at the Delacorte as Kate in The Taming of the Shrew. Hoffman triumphed in a Broadway revival of True West last spring and recently directed Jesus Hopped the A Train, a success Off-Broadway.

Monk, last seen on the New York stage in Lincoln Center Theater's The Time of the Cuckoo, will star in Thou Shalt Not, the new Susan Stroman-Harry Connick, Jr., musical this fall. Goodman starred at the Delacorte a couple seasons back in Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth. Spinella, too, knows the Delacorte, from acting there in Troilus and Cressida. Pine is currently starring at Primary Stages in Krisit.

Nichols' predilection for stars is well known. His late-'80s staging at Lincoln Center Theater of Waiting for Godot starred Robin Williams and Steve Martin as Didi and Gogo. Several seasons later, he cast Gene Hackman, Richard Dreyfuss and Glenn Close in Death and the Maiden on Broadway.

The new Seagull began with a recent reading of Chekhov's classic held in Mike Nichols' Manhattan apartment, starring Streep and Kline.

Nichols, Streep and Kline have all been absent from the New York stage for some years. Though Nichols has "supervised" various plays, his last theatre assignment as director was Death and the Maiden. Streep, meanwhile, has been missing from the theatre for even longer. During the 1970s, she appeared in New York City stagings of The Cherry Orchard, Happy End and Taming of the Shrew. The winner of two Oscars, she was recently nominated for another for "Music of the Heart."

Kline has been slightly more faithful to the boards. Since taking the Tony for The Pirates of Penzance, he has appeared in Hamlet at the Public and, most recently, Ivanov at Lincoln Center Theatre.

The Seagull will begin performances in July or August of 2001.

—By Robert Simonson


The star-studded production of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull will play in Central Park, after all. After months of speculation that the Public Theater would produce the play at a Broadway house, The Seagull is now set for Central Park’s Delacorte Theater, according to The New York Times.
Complete casting was also reported today: Meryl Streep (Arkadina), Kevin Kline (Trigorin), Natalie Portman (Nina), Christopher Walken (Sorin), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Konstantin), John Goodman (Shamrayev), Allison Janney (Masha), Debra Monk (Polina), Stephen Spinella (Medvedyenko) and Larry Pine (Dorn). Mike Nichols will direct, Apparently the production is a labor of love; the actors will all receive a paltry $646 a week, according to the Times. Tickets will be free to the public.

okay. and now here are a couple of mentions of Natalie from

By David Elliott
"The young actresses are really imprinting movies lately, such as: Michelle Rodriguez in “Girlfight”; Kate Hudson in “Almost Famous”; Natalie Portman in “Where the Heart Is”; Alex Kingston in “Croupier”; Vanessa Paradis in “Girl on the Bridge”; Christa Miller and Rosemarie Addio in “Smiling Fish ... “; Nia Roberts in “Solomon and Gaenor”; Greer Goodman in “The Tao of Steve”; Julia Stiles in “Save the Last Dance.” And now, Jordana Brewster in “The Invisible Circus.”

The whole article

review of "Head over Heels" that has a WORD OF WARNING for Natalie Portman:

"By David Elliott
Starring Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Jr.

There is something especially embarrassing about a brainless film trying to be sophisticated and sophomoric at the same time, sort of like making soufflés from mud pies. Potter’s sunrise smile and doe-in-peril reactions cannot provide much relief. The film has a humping Great Dane, crotch jokes, old grannies making “hot” remarks and a toilet episode that tries to rip off Jeff Daniels’ definitive one in “Dumb and Dumber.”
No ally of Potter’s, director Mark Waters also put another talented beauty, Parker Posey, through the whimsical torments of “The House of Yes.” He should be denied films with any gifted young actress whose name starts with P. Natalie Portman had better steer clear.

you can read the whole review here.

and that was all from the very dedicated and underappreciated JC. THANKS JC!

Now here's Four rare pics from the good for nothing Delilah.(I'M KIDDING. I SWEAR TO GOD!)

Dee wants her shoes!!!!!

couple of nice pics of nat

a bunch of celebrities and nat in the corner.

A couple of ABH pics. i really like the hair brushing one.

Thanks to the most useful girl i've ever known, Delilah!

alright. now. today is STILL the canadian climb a mountain and feed a goat for nat day. i think it's fabulous.

bye now.

[SEA GULL INFO] - Finally some useful info about Nat's play this summer. These first two excerpts are thanks to JC.

From the New York Times.

February 2, 2001
On Stage and Off: 'Sea Gull' Among the Birds
If you're a Chekhov fan — or a Meryl Streep fan or a Christopher Walken fan or a John Goodman fan — you may want to start lining up now.

The Joseph Papp Public Theater has announced its final plans for this summer's all-star production of "The Sea Gull," directed by Mike Nichols, and after flirting with several alternative — and enclosed — stages, the theater has decided to stage the play at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park as originally planned. And while that may mean the occasional airplane or barking dog interfering with the phonics, it does have one undeniable advantage over an indoor production: tickets will be free.

That doesn't mean the play will be easy to get into, mind you. As usual, most prospective audience members — except V.I.P.'s and those darn members of the press — will have to queue up in front of the Papp Public Theater on Lafayette Street in the East Village to get tickets. And considering the array of big names involved, it is almost impossible to imagine a hotter ticket.

The final cast — and this may need a drumroll — is Ms. Streep (playing Arkadina), Kevin Kline (Trigorin), Natalie Portman (Nina), Mr. Walken (Sorin), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Konstantin), Mr. Goodman (Shamrayev), Allison Janney (Masha), Debra Monk (Polina), Stephen Spinella (Medvedyenko) and Larry Pine (Dorn). Most of the company members have played at the Public Theater and many have performed in the park. All the actors are working for $646 a week.

The announcement of the location comes after several months of debate among the creative team as to where to stage the production. Initial fears were that the atmosphere surrounding the 1,900-seat Delacorte, just off the park's Great Lawn, might prove too distracting to the actors trying to plow through Chekhov's classic tale of theatrical personalities and tragic love. Several options were considered, including a Broadway or large Off Broadway theater as well as nontraditional spaces like warehouses.

In the end, however, Mr. Nichols said the attractions of the park — the trees! the ducks! — outweighed the potential distractions.

"It's sensational for me and Bob Crowley," Mr. Nichols said of the set designer. "If we want people singing on the other side of a lake, there's a lake right there."

But what, pray tell, of the mighty metal birds?

And here's some info from the NY Daily News:

"The Delacorte, which can be reached via the W. 81st St. or E. 79th St. entrances to Central Park, is the summer home of the Shakespeare Festival, led by artistic director George C. Wolfe.

Shows are free to the public; tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of performance and limited to two per customer.

Original Publication Date: 2/2/01"

And lastly, this small report from Scarlet.

The Public Theater hasn't updated the website yet, so they don't have anything about the Sea Gull up yet. However, there's general info about tickets for performances in the Park, which I give you now (note: there are two places to get tickets, and they are available early afternoon the day of the performance):

Free tickets to Shakespeare in Central Park are available on the day of the performance beginning at 1 pm at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, or from 1-3 pm at The Public Theater at 425 Lafayette Street. Each person may receive up to two tickets. Tickets are for reserved seats, and the theater opens at 7:30 pm. Latecomers will be seated at management's discretion.

The Delacorte Theater is located near Turtle Pond, just south of the Great Lawn, in Central Park. The closest Park entrance from the East Side is Fifth Avenue at 79th Street; from the West Side, Central Park West at 81st Street. For information about Delacorte performances and tickets, call 212-539-8750. For information about wheelchair seating, call 212-539-8659.

BTW, I am totally bummed that Allison Janney (CJ from the West Wing) was cast as Masha, arguably the best character in the play. And Christopher Walken?!?!? Meryl Streep should be good, though. She comes off as being pompous enough...

More info as it comes in.


["she's like the coolest girl to hang out with."] - ahh. but is she Akria crazy or Nausicaa crazy? eh?

in this update we will explore absolutely nothing.

first i want to tell you that the poll had to start over because someone flooded it and broke it. so i guess go and vote again.


according to our friend GreanfrogE says that Where the Heart Is will be available on VHS to buy on February 6th 2001. before you could only buy it on DVD. but now you can buy the tape too. WAL*MART is advertising it for $9.96.

Thanks GreanfrogE!

now here are some cool/rare pics that karelle found at

now here they are! some of them you might have seen before. but you should just look at them again. because that is not a crime!

for example..i think i've seen this one before. but there's no harm in seeing it again!

this one is new i think. and i like it

ahh. i can't remember which pic this is. but one of them is a really small one and i remember i liked that one.

this one is cool. but i can't remember what it was either.

i'm having trouble remember what any of these numbered ones are.

this might be the last one with only numbers

yes. that was the last one! with numbers that is! there's a lot more pics!

this one is of the amidala action figure.

here's a series of anne frank pics.

Anne Frank pic number one.

Anne Frank pic number two.

Anne Frank pic number three.

Anne Frank pic number four.

an anywhere but here bunch of pictures

natalie being interviewed

a couple of pics from everyone says i love you.

where's natalie?

i'm through with love i'll never fall again

Natalie on entertainment tonight!

natalie on entertainment tonight...again!

all she wants is her blue barettes. (the back of her head is the most beautiful back of someones head ever)

well, this isn't good.

now here are a bunch of pics from Leon. and every single one of them is adorable.


can't afford to catch cold

there's a song that nat's singing during this part. right before the "like a virgin. and it sounds familiar to me. but i don't know what it is. sorta like the superman theme. maybe that's what it is.

i think this l'il rascal guy liked nat in the white tank top. oh and there's the back of her head again. adorable.

natalie checkin out her nails

i think this is my favorite so far. i don't know why. i just like it.

oh wait...this one's pretty cool too

ah see? there's l'il rascal agian. and it's not all about her tank top. it's a general liking of natalie. you see? this is what happens when we assume.

here's she's telling leon she's 18.

here she's walking by her dead dad

here she's...uh..watering the plant i think.

whoa. this is cool

hey! i saw this pic in a magazine years ago! like, like before i liked natalie! it was in film threat. uh..

okay. now a few mars attacks pics.

natalie handing out medals like a true star wars hero BEFORE SHE WAS A STAR WARS HERO!



this is tiny!

nat on entertainment tonight..again! but this is from years ago.

natalie swimming.

and that's the last of the pics from the great and amazing KARELLE! Thanks!!!!

NOW natalie wallpapers!

from the great Thomas Salvatore

from SEKE the wonderful!

from The Piloteer
very good pic

from jorma the magnificent!

now for a suggestion from Sella: someone with some skills make a nat browser they can see in a natalie browser...or something. you see? it's brilliant!!

from kris:

There is a new edition (#31) of the "Star Wars Magazine" in the UK
featuring some SW II, feautiring some Episode II pics.

if someone could send in the pics to us it would be greatly appriciated. yeah.

and check this stuff out!

To whom it may concern,
Since your website was featured in this book, I thought you might want to place this image on your main page somewhere and be proud to know that your site was published in a book!
All the best,

The Riddler
Webmaster of Wattos Junkyard

and here's the cover pic here.

now. this pic didn't work for me before. BUT i'll just assume my computer is stupid. if it still doesn't work. i'll try to figure out what's wrong tomorrow. which is technically today. this update took me way too long.

You See, fellas?! we learned nothing! and still we all feel smarter. at least i do. i'd declare this a national natalie holiday but i think i do that too much. so i'll declare it a canadian natalie holiday!

TODAY(which i'll say is the second although maybe it's still the 1st somewhere) the 2nd of February is CANADIAN NATAHOLIC DAY! everyone in canada has to climb a mountain and feed a goat. all in honor of our Girl NATALIE PORTMAN.

please do it.

okay. that's it. i'm going to bed. i think. i'll watch tv probably. but i'll be tired. and stuff.

good god.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001...

[This update will cost you $10] - Hi guys

It's time to come clean. Since the new year we have been looking for to affiliate ourselves with a bigger site in order to...*gasp*....make some money. I know I used to say, with great pride, how we were so uncommercial and thus so much better than everyone else...well I changed my mind. That was fine for the start but I've been working on the site for almost a year now and I spend a fair chunk of time doing related stuff. This would not be a problem if I had a high paying job...but I do not, being a lowly climbing the ladder of success screenplay writer. Add to that the fact that I now have a girlfriend and...I need money. Sanji's tale of woe is even more heart wrenching. He has 4 mouths to feed and an ex wife to pay alimony to. What will this mean to the site? Not much. A banner and maybe a link here and there but that's about it. And if we're going to be getting paid for getting hits we're obviously going to try harder for hits which should mean better content (if that's humanly possible).

So, how do you feel about this. Feel free to have your say, albeit with my words, at our poll page.

Ok, Sanjiro has also informed me, that on Feb 14th, would have been open for 1 year exactly...since we reopened it, that is. And, yes, we're well aware of the loserness it takes to open a site on valentines day but hey, we're a special kind of loser. Anyway, the point of this is, it'd be nice if you guys could send in some "happy anniversary" "you guys rock...ed before you went commercial" wallpapers. That kinda stuff. And I'll post them all on the 14th. Sound cool? Cool.

The other day I posted asking, on behalf of someone, for nat desktop themes and screensavers. Well I got some replies.

Phil was kind enough to send in this cool Nat screensaver.
no_one119 has a couple old screensavers at his site,
And Rachel says there's a great nat theme at

Hope that helps everyone.

Fabien ( sent in this winamp skin.

Jiade Xin found this Amidala t-shirt from, probably, the best looking site these, admittedly crappy, eyes have ever seen:

And, lastly, 4 beautiful pieces of fan art.

Neo made this kickass Leon wallpaper. Remember, kids, guns are bad :-)

Colin O shows us that his first effort was no fluke. Here's his new one.

SEKE, who may be the most paranoid person I know, has sent in a Heart of Darkness (hated the book btw) inspired nat pic.

And lastly, here's another wallaper from Krisso who did that tears wallpaper I liked so much awhile ago.

Ok, that's it, another big Sanjiro update to come tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 30, 2001...

[I've Seen It All] - Just came back from seeing Dancer in the Dark. I didn't cry...I want my money back!!! Heh, nah, it was still great. Anyway, the point is I'm too tired for this update so, again, my apologies. Just two quick things.

I know of Ozma. I know they made a Natalie Portman song. Please don't mail me about it. I don't like them. I don't like the song. I don't like the way they spam me. If you're interested I'm sure you can find it on napster.

Lastly, just to give you guys *something*, here are some nat rarities that Dee posted on the board.


Sunday, January 28, 2001...

[a day late] - Sorry I didn't update yesterday. It was my one month anniversary with my gf and she wouldn't let me leave last night. Hell, I think I deserve a medal for even bringing it up.

Me: "Ummm...I really have to go. I said I'd update my site today."
Her: "You can do it tomorrow, you're not leaving now."
Me: "Err...but I made a promise."
Her: "Have you noticed how short my shorts are?"
Me: "Good point."

And that was that I'm afraid. My willpower is nearly non-existant. But never fear, for I am here now. So let's get going.

Lets start off with a bang. This pic from John Karpinsky rocks like it's nobodys business.

This next picture is a fantastic debut from Colin O.

Two more great images from SEKE. "Snow" and "Luke's doctor".

Bob mailed me with a scan of an autographed picture of Natalie that he recently got. Bob also got an original piece of art that artist Jeff Pittarrelli ( made of Natalie. Here's a pic of Jeff with the painting and here's a pic of just the painting. Damn, it looks good!

RJL has made a music video using footage from ABH. It's pretty big (25mb) but it's apparently well worth it. I haven't seen it because it'd take me a month to download it but if your connection is a bit faster than mine I highly recommend you click here and get the clip.

Serge pointed out this killer nat winamp skin. Click the pic to download it.

Here's a new wallpaper from Thomas Salvatore, which, truthfully...I'm not crazy about. Sorry Thomas!!!

This sw pic was made by Spitweet ( shows Padme leading a clone army.

BDK mailed me asking for Nat screensavers and for nat desktop icons. Can anyone help?

And lastly, there's a new nat poll here. Should be easy enough to get her to the top.

Alright, I think that's about it. Hope you had a good weekend.


Friday, January 26, 2001...

[technical difficulties] - Damn, had stuff to update with tonight but I spent the whole night trying to get my new cd writer to very little success I might add. I'll update tomorrow.

[Old News]

This is a fan site and is in no way affiliated with Natalie Portman or her family.
Please respect her wishes to maintain her private life.
Please don't ask for, state or speculate about her personal information.